Their sense of entitlement…


I hear a lot about how young people, usually those of us, who are grouped into the Millennial generation (usually those born between 1990’s and 2000’s although most stats go to 80’s as well), have a sense of entitlement, how we’re lazy as hell and how we “just don’t want to become adults.”

While it’s true, that some do feel the sense of entitlement, at least till they get their first job, whatever kind of a job it is, I argue, that a lot of us aren’t as selfish lazy rats, as some think of us, and I would even argue, that a lot of young people, who at least try to think for themselves (having no TV helps), are not as “entitled” as you would think.


Before I continue any longer, I must admit, that the context around which I am writing is limited to those americans, I know…

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